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RFID Lock - TL2





:RFID Lock - TL2











Operating Voltage :6V(4xAA battery)
Operating Current :≤3.5mA
Storage Capacity :8 pcs MIFARE cards
Response Time :≤0.5s
Operating Temperature : -20°C to 70°C
Unlock Current :≤100mA(Unlock within 100ms)
ldle Mode Current :≤2.5μ A
Types of Card :MIFARE 1IC S50 or compatible
RFID Frequency :13.56MHz
Operating Humidity :15% to 95% RH


* Special Request

F1: initial Card - Primary initialization

F2: Master Card - Overwrite service card

F3: Supervisory Card - Read lock data

F4: Battery Card - Check power status 

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